Le Cafe Jazz in Jazz Town

Put A Little Jazz in Your Life!

Your Evening at Le Cafe' Jazz 

Steps to a wonderful evening at Le Cafe' Jazz

  • Make your reservation prior to arrival at (803) 400-1879 or email us: pearsonfoundation@ymail.com.

Note: Reservations are not required for Le Cafe Jazz but strongly recommended to avoid any inconvenience.

1. Arrive safely to the Le Cafe Jazz at 930 Laurel Street.

2. Enjoy our complimentary starter plate.

3. After ordering a beverage from our CASH service, as part of your admission please select 1 food item from the grill or enjoy the buffet bar.

Note: Le Cafe Jazz Menu Changes Weekly.

4. Site, relax, and listen to the best live jazz music in Jazz Town.

5. When it is time for you to leave pay $20 per person plus any additions (price subject to change based on the music program being offered) and cover the cost of all beverages and desserts by rendering cash, major credit card or a personal check.

5. Go home HAPPY...remember to come next week.

Please be Aware: Le Cafe Jazz DRESS CODE is as follows:

Please... no causal wear

(NO Flip Flops, shorts, T-Shirts or Dungarees)

Appropriate Attire for Ladies: After five, seasonal dresses or matching pants suit.

Appropriate Attire for Gentlemen: Sports Jacket, full dress slacks,

button down, polo shirt or turtleneck.

Please check our FACEBOOK  and main website for weekly undated.

Please note that Le Café Jazz is a French-American Bistro. We are not a bar or pickup establishment, sports arena or lounge. The primary goal in establishing our venue was to make it possible to provide strong monetary support to aid the Skipp Pearson Jazz Foundation in its mission to foster a greater appreciation of live jazz music performances for generations to discover and enjoy. If you are seeking any other entertainment than the opportunity to listen to some of the best live music anywhere in the world you would not be able to appreciate what is being offered at Le Café Jazz. The only way you will know if you will be able to enjoy yourself at Le Café Jazz is by spending an evening with us.